Income and Housing Issues

A Time of Change

You have decided to improve your life and the lives of your children. Though you may love your abusive common-law and he has been a good provider, you have decided that you cannot allow yourself and your children to continue to live with his violence and abuse. You will not stay with him until he gets help. You feel good about making this decision to get away from
him. Now you face new challenges.

This chapter contains information on the following issues:

Income Issues
►► How will I pay for the rent, groceries, and clothing?
►► Income Assistance for Victims of Family Violence
►► What will Income Assistance pay for?
►► Information required to receive Income Assistance
►► Productive Choice while on Income Assistance
Housing Issues
►► Where will my children and I live?
Five Housing Challenges and Some
Ideas to resolve them
►► Scenario 1: Privately owned home by husband and wife
►► Scenario 2: Leased accommodation – husband and
wife on the lease
►► Scenario 3: Rent arrears
►► Scenario 4: Possible eviction
►► Scenario 5: Possible relocation to Yellowknife