Rockhill Family Housing Program

The transitional housing program at Rockhill is for homeless families. What makes Rockhill different from an ordinary apartment building is the care and attention of two family support workers (Monday to Friday, 8 to 4) and after hours security. The family support workers look at issues such as debt, addictions and violence that have destabilized the family’s housing in the past. They work with families to make positive changes (such as repaying rental arrears and saving for a damage deposit) and to learn new skills such as cooking, literacy, budgeting, etc. After a stay of a year or so, newly-stable families move on to permanent housing in public housing or market rentals.

There are 33 suites for rent at Rockhill and they are a mixture of bachelor, one and two-bedroom. For more information about the family housing program, contact Kate at 867-873-5760 or