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Are you experiencing abuse and need help or support? Call our 24 Hour Crisis Line 1 (866) 223-7775


Members of YWCA NWT are women who live in the Northwest Territories who agree with and commit to uphold and support our values-based approach to service delivery for northern women and families. Members receive updates about our work and programs, can vote at the Annual General Meeting, and stay connected to issues affecting women, children and families in your communities. 

To become a member:

  1. Fill out the membership form below. 

  2. E-transfer the annual membership fee of $10 to

You'll receive a confirmation e-mail when we receive your completed form and payment confirmation. For any questions, please contact us! 

Member sign up

To become a voting member of YWCA NWT, please fill out the information below. To complete your membership, please e-transfer the member fee of $10 to

Girl Time

Please note: All member registrations are subject to approval by the YWCA NWT Board of Directors. 

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