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After-School Registration for the 2023-2024 program is now open. 

Update: Mildred Hall has space available. All other Yellowknife schools with a YWCA NWT after school care program are now full. Please submit the procedure below to be added to the waitlists for these schools. 

We will have two different registration dates, the first for current clients and the second for the public/new clients.


Current clients

The first round of registration will open at 8 am Friday, January 6th, 2023 and close at midnight on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Only children currently enrolled in the after-school program at the time of registration will be eligible to enroll early. If you are looking to register additional children not currently enrolled, you may do so when the public registration opens.


Public/new client registration

Public registration will open at 8 am February 3rd, 2023. Any person with an eligible child enrolled in one of our available schools may submit a registration request.


If you would like to register for the After-School program, send an email to with the following information

1) School your child attends

2) Child’s Full Name

3) Childs Date of Birth

4) The First and Last names of the child’s legal guardians

Yellowknife schools with YWCA NWT After-school care program: 

  • Mildred Hall

  • Range Lake North

  • Saint Joseph

  • N.J. Macpherson

  • École Įtłʼǫ̀

Information to remember:

  • Registration is accepted on a  first-come-first-serve base after 8 am. We are opening a limited number of spaces; after these spaces are filled, we will add you to our waitlist. · Registration requests must be emailed to within the listed registration period. Requests not sent by email to or that arrive before 8 am on the registration opening day will not be accommodated. We will not take registrations over the phone. Please submit your request to the proper email; YWCA NWT staff will not forward requests sent in error.

  • Staff will respond to registration emails from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm. Registration is hectic, so please only send one email regarding the same children to ensure a smooth and timely registration. If, after three business days, a staff member has yet to respond to your initial registration email, please forward your original email to, as it may have been missed.

  • Please ensure the email you use to register is your primary email; it is preferred that you use a personal account that you have access to at all times. Many times guardians miss deadlines and essential updates because they have used a work email.

  • After you have completed the registration process, you will be instructed to pay a deposit. A deposit is required to secure your registration. The deposit is one month’s fee and must only be paid by EMT.

  • Deadlines are strictly enforced. Staff will send clear instructions regarding required documentation, when it is due, and how it must be submitted. You will forfeit your registration if you fail to submit the necessary documentation as instructed by the due dates. Once your registration is lost, you will be removed from our registration database. If you wish to register, you must begin a new registration.

  • The YWCA NWT staff have the right to work in a safe environment; this extends to emails. We will not tolerate any behaviour violating our zero-tolerance policy.


About the YWCA NWT after-school care program

The after-school program is available at the following Yellowknife schools: Mildred hall, Range Lake North, Saint Joseph, N.J. Macpherson, and J.H. Sissons.  Staff provide a wide variety of exciting indoor and outdoor activities to keep children engaged and entertained for ages JK - up to age 11. If a child is turning 11 by December 31, they will not be returning to the program in the new year (January). Care is offered from school dismissal until 5:30 p.m. Parents must pick their children up no later than 5:30 p.m. Staff are trained in First Aid and CPR, providing a safe environment for all. YWCA NWT also offers programming for early dismissal, full day programming for professional development days and March break programs when schools are closed. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to provide children with nut free snacks.


Program costs: 

YK1 School Cost


$200/March and December

YCS School Cost


$225/March and December

The additional $65 will cover the half days every Thursday

NOTE: As we are a licensed program, we must maintain our safe supervision ratios and cannot operate without the required ten to one staff to child ratios. If we experience staff shortages in any of our programs, we will need to close that program immediately, and the program will no re-open until Public Health has deemed the employee safe to return to work - this may occur with little to no notice and parents and caregivers will be required to pick up their children ASAP if a program is required to close. We have no control over this as it is a requirement of our licensing. 

Program eligibility

  • Children aged 3 (enrolled in JK) to age 10. (We will not register a child if they turn 11 before December 2024. We will only register children turning 11 January 2024 or later.)

  • Children must be fully able to use the toilet independently.

  • The After-School program does not provide one-on-one care; if your child needs one-on-one care, please let us know, and we can discuss available options.

  • Children must be enrolled in one of the available schools for the 2023-2024 school year.


ECE Subsidy

The ECE childcare subsidy is for children aged three to five in the after-school program. The month a child turns six is the last month they will receive the ECE subsidy. Currently, we submit children's information to ECE monthly; there is no additional work on the part of the guardians. Each qualifying child is entitled to a monthly reimbursement of 50% of their total fees up to a maximum monthly amount of $165.



Those seeking to withdraw from the YWCA NWT 2023-24 registration must submit written notice to the program manager by July 21st, 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions: After-school Care Registration 

1. Can I also register my other child for JK at the same time I register my 10 year old child who is currently in the after-school program? 

New children must be enrolled with the public registration on February 3, 2023.  New participants will only be accepted following registration of all existing children in the program and is dependent on space availability. 

2. Do I have to pay a deposit the same time I register? 

No. You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to pay the deposit once your registration is accepted. 

3. How much does the program cost? 

YK1 School Cost


$200/March and December


YCS School Cost


$225/March and December

The additional $65 will cover the half days every Thursday

4. My child is not currently enrolled in the after-school program. How do I register? 

Please see above procedures to register your child in the after-school program.

5. I am on a waitlist. How long until I know if my child(ren) will have a space in the program?

Each wait list for each school is different. If you have not heard back within a week of registration, please e-mail to see how long the wait list is. 

6. Why doesn't the YWCA just open more spots? There is such a demand for affordable childcare. 

The limitation on after school childcare spaces is frustrating for the YWCA too. There are often wait lists at every school, no more available classroom space to be licensed, plus no more staff available.  After School care must be licensed, just as day cares are. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment licenses childcare and ultimately determines how many children can be accommodated in the space at hand, what the maximum group size can be, and what the child/caregiver ratio is. Unfortunately for everyone, there are not enough spaces to meet the demand, and a shortage of qualified staff. 

7. I have questions about registration or the after-school care program. Who can I contact? 

For questions or concerns about this process, please call the after-school office at 867-873-4293. 

Happy Children
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