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Independent Legal Advice & Representation (ILAR) Program 

The ILAR program helps survivors of family violence and/or sexualized violence explore their legal options with free legal advice and/or legal representation. 

For questions or to complete an intake, e-mail or call the ILAR Coordinator at 867-765-8670.


New ILAR Drop In Program

YWCA NWT now offers the ILAR drop in program. Come by the office at 5015 54th Street from 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, and learn more about your options. 

About the ILAR Program 

The ILAR program is available for anyone who has experienced family violence, sexual violence, or has legal concerns about an Emergency Protection Order. 

The ILAR program helps survivors of sexualized violence and family violence who want to explore their legal options. The ILAR program provides confidential, free legal advice that gives survivors the information that they need for the safety of themselves, and often, their children. ILAR offers up to 4 hours of free legal advice for anyone who has concerns regarding Emergency Protection Orders, family violence, or sexual assault. ILAR also offers free legal representation in court for those who have experienced sexual assault. 

The incident of violence can be recent or historic. The incident must have occurred in the NWT; or, the survivor must be an NWT resident.

ILAR lawyers will be expected to participate in annual training and be in good standing with the Law Society of the NWT. 

Contact the ILAR Coordinator for more info or call 867-765-8670.

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