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YWCA NWT youth programs - GirlSpace, Dudes Club, and Project Child Recovery - build self-esteem, promote community involvement, and help make youth make healthy choices.

Youth Programs

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This awesome free leadership program for any person who identifies as a girl ages 8 to 17.  The program runs during the school year and often has special programming during March break and the summer. 

For more info, e-mail GirlSpace.

GirlSpace offers youth the opportunity to:

  • work collaboratively with other girls to develop a space where everyone feels welcome and respected

  • learn, grow and share in a non-judgmental environment supported by professional staff

  • build skills, including leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, increased independence, self-awareness and positive self-esteem

  • connect with the community in a variety of volunteer roles.

Dudes Club & Project Child Recovery

Project Child Recovery is for children and youth who have witnessed or experienced trauma. This encompasses issues such as family violence, substance abuse, grief and loss, and bullying. Project Recovery offers them a safe place to explore and celebrate the fact that they are one-of-a-kind. Project Child Recovery gives children and youth a voice. Lessons are centered on emotional intelligence, self-worth, family dynamics, and healthy relationships. Participants are encouraged to talk about their feelings, explore healthy coping strategies, discover a support system, develop a safety plan and enhance their self-esteem. Every session is facilitated by a professional and is designed to increase the child or teen's sense of belonging and trust and can include group sessions, outings and more. 

Dudes Club is a fun, free empowerment and leadership program for youth in-school and after-school program for boys, and those who identify as boys, from ages 8-14. This program focuses on creating strong and resilient young leaders in our community. This proactive program promotes healthy coping strategies for children and youth, focuses on creating strong and resilient young leaders by creating a safe place for youth to explore their passions and gifts. and ensures they have the support and services they need.   

For more info, e-mail Brendan.

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