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Our Strategic Plan outlines our renewed commitment to gender equity, affordable housing, and advocacy. Read more about our plan as we move forward to tackle the challenges and embrace opportunities! 


YWCA NWT Strategic Plan 2021-2024


Supporting the Most Vulnerable: The Case for a GBA+ Approach to Emergency and Disaster Planning (2024). These suite of recommendations, prepared jointly with YWCA NWT and the Yellowknife Women's Society, were shared with various levels of government to help ensure residents receive care, compassion and support in times of emergencies.

The Nature of Emergency Protection orders in the NWT: A Case Study (2020)

This study covering 2017-2019 outlines views of applicants and front line workers on the use of EPOs to address Intimate Partner violence and recommendations to promote safety for women across the NWT. 

Hush Hush No More

This project examined the needs of NWT women who have experienced sexual assault and the NWT services that respond to these needs. Includes recommendations for service providers to better support women.

Legal Pathways – Spousal Violence in the NWT: A Resource for Women

This guide explains the laws in place to protect you and your children if you are experiencing family violence.

Are you experiencing abuse and need help or support? Call our 24 Hour Crisis Line 1 (866) 223-7775

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